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Intercap, company leader in the market for design and production of guarantee closures for wine, sparkling wine and spirits, was established in 1986 in Canelli, the worldwide renowned for the wine technology industry, from the encounter of different personalities. Currently the company has a sole owner the oenologist Graziano Bocchino.


One of the real strengths of Intercap is the internal production workshop, coordinated by professionals with decades of experience in the field of the eno-mechanic, which deals with the study, design and construction of the equipment that the company uses to produce the same various closures. The capsules are created with a process that is completely "made in Italy" and internally managed in all steps.

ECO Process

Recently Intercap, first in Italy, was equipped with a co-extrusion coating system facility. Our Polylaminate is achieved through an innovative ecological process, based on the direct coupling between polyethylene and aluminum: in this process the plastic film is directly cast between two sheets of aluminum support, without the use of solvents.

A global brand

Intercap’s professionalism and experience allowed us to reach a consolidated position in the national and international market, as well as to be increasingly present on the viticulture business.




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